Agave Name Game

What kind of Agave do you really have on your shelf?   In Mexico we have around 200 different kinds of Agaves. We know how to extract sugar (alcohol) with 40 different kinds of those agaves (Don’t worry, we are working to find how to extract the “buzz” on the other 160…) One of each … More Agave Name Game

Mezcal «Pechuga»? What the heck is that????

*PECHUGA means breast in Spanish, but it’s also is how we name a traditional Mezcal distilling process made with meat, fruits or plants. Not to be confused with Macerados, Embocados or Infusions, as those are made with other methods. The most common animals used for this purpose are chickens and turkeys. Also in some places … More Mezcal «Pechuga»? What the heck is that????